Stock Information

Details of share issuance
(per-share face value: KRW 100)

Issued shares by stock type, Total amount information
Share type No. of stocks issued Treasury stock Total face value
Common stock 30,457,400 of stocks 3,046 million won
Preferred shares 9,012,450 of stocks 901 million won
Total 39,469,850 of stocks 3,947 million won

As of October 18, 2019, Unit: Stocks/ KRW 1M

Exercising voting rights at the periodical General Meeting of Shareholders


Voting rights exercised


Adoption of cumulative and non-cumulative voting

Adoption of cumulative voting and vote by-mail
Voting type Status Date of adoption Remarks
Cumulative voting Not adopted -
Non-cumulative voting Adopted 2019. 10. 01

Matters pertaining to the share dividend of Doosan Solus


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